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As a property manager in the early 90’s, Center Maintenance Company’s principle owner David Nava struggled to find reliable vendors for parking lot maintenance. Because of this void in the market, Dave began performing some of these tasks himself, beginning with parking lot striping.

Over time, he added sealing, crack fill, and asphalt repair to the list of tasks he handled, and later took on sweeping, landscaping and snow removal as well. It wasn’t long before other property managers took notice of his exceptional parking lot maintenance work and began requesting his assistance with their own projects, and Center Maintenance Company, a full service parking lot maintenance provider, was established.

Today, Center Maintenance is a complete parking lot service company, offering a full suite of exterior property services.  In addition to high-quality parking lot maintenance, we also offer commercial and residential paving, concrete and drainage work as well as performing road markings for state and local municipalities.