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Line Striping

Whether you manage a large shopping center, big box retail store or a small, single lot entity, CMC will get the job done right. Our multiple crews are out striping day and night, which means our work won’t get in the way of your business operations. For the smaller property owner, we offer an affordable after-hours price, because we are able to schedule multiple locations in the same night. Throughout the industry, we are known for our exceptional parking lot striping layout design services. CMC was recently recognized with the prestigious Best in Class award for parking lot layouts.

Crack Filling

Crack sealing is your number one defense against rapid parking lot deterioration. Effective crack sealing keeps water from penetrating the asphalt and weakening the base or sub-base. It also helps preserve the pavement adjacent to the cracks, keeping sand, stone, and dirt from entering open cracks, thereby preventing compressive stresses. Lastly, crack sealing extends your pavement ‘s life by minimizing crack growth. By paying proper attention to cracks, you will prevent problems from spreading and ultimately double the life of your pavement. Our parking lot crack filling application is the same method and product used by the New York State DOT. We first clean the cracks by using a heated air lance, and then apply the filler material with an oil-jacketed, heated hose applicator. CMC is one of only a hand full of companies to own this equipment and use this crack seal method on commercial parking lots.


Sealcoating will ensure the longevity of your asphalt and give your property the curb appeal it needs to be competitive in today’s market. By sealcoating, you will protect your asphalt from the sun’s harmful UV rays and other elements to prevent the formation of potholes by avoiding the seepage of oil and water into the asphalt. To enhance and protect your investment, our sealcoating crews use the highest grades of environmentally safe products and perform multiple spray applications. This will ensure the proper prevention from premature wear and tear and will keep your parking lot looking fresh.


A more cost effective way to revitalize a parking lot at the end of its lifespan is through an overlay patch. It’s affordable because there’s no need to remove existing asphalt from the site, and there are no cutting needs to fulfill. An overlay is typically performed over a pothole or an area with several hazardous conditions, thereby, eliminating fall and trip hazards.

Bollards / Traffic Signs

A bollard is a sturdy vertical post used principally to control road traffic and designed to prevent vehicle from hitting building or structures.

Parking lot traffic signs are crucial to maintaining a smooth flow of traffic in the lot and preventing accidents. These signs communicate the speed limits, traffic flow direction, entry exits, pedestrian pathways, parking, and movement restrictions, and stops and turns, thereby keeping the parking facility organized. Compliant with DOT and MUTCD rules.