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Broom Sweeping

To sweep larger debris like sand, gravel, construction debris, a mechanical broom sweeper can be used. This practice helps to maintain a safe parking area and workplace. It also prevents unwanted items from accumulating in the corners, thereby, going into the storm drainage systems, that can lead to falling and slip hazards.

Litter Sweeping

The importance of a trusted sweeping company cannot be emphasized enough. In the morning when you drive into your property are you confident that your contractor was there overnight? Or are there shopping bags, cups and other litter strewn about the parking lot? Do you often receive violations from the sanitation department? Curb appeal is about reputation and is important to shoppers and to potential tenants. With Center Maintenance – you will never wonder if the job was done – you will simply know.


Landscaped areas are often times neglected after a property is swept clean. However, to ensure nowhere is left out, Center Maintenance Co, offers a team of porters that walk around the property to pick any litter that blows into the landscape area by hand.

Debris Removal

When properties have extensive renovations completed or they change ownership, there is inevitably garbage and debris that can result. To keep your property looking its best and avoid getting fined by the sanitation department, CMC can remove bulk dumped debris from your property with ease using a variety of methods.

Parking Garage Sweeping

Keeping your property pristine is essential. Center Maintenance Co. uses specialized equipment to clean up your parking garage. By design, while sweeping and scrubbing your parking garage, the specialized equipment keeps the dust to a minimum.