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Outdoor Recreational Centers

At CMC, we take pride in offering specialized color treated pavement marking and removal services, catering specifically to outdoor recreational centers, including playgrounds and sports courts. Understanding the unique needs of these spaces, we employ advanced techniques to not only enhance their functionality but also their aesthetic appeal.

Preformed Tape Application for Durable Markings

Our preformed tape application service is a standout choice for outdoor recreational areas. This method involves applying high-quality, durable tape that withstands heavy use and varying weather conditions. It’s perfect for creating vibrant, long-lasting lines and designs on playgrounds and sports courts. Unlike paint, preformed tape offers a uniform thickness and consistency, ensuring crisp, clear markings that enhance the usability and safety of these spaces.

Playground Markings

Safety and Fun Combined For playgrounds, we understand that safety and fun go hand-in-hand. Our color treated pavement marking services are designed to create engaging and safe environments for children. From traditional games like hopscotch and four square to educational and interactive designs, our markings can transform plain asphalt into a vibrant, exciting play area. We use only the safest, most durable materials, ensuring that our playground markings remain bright and inviting for years to come.

Why Choose CMC for Your Recreational Space By choosing CMC for your outdoor recreational center’s pavement marking needs, you’re selecting a partner committed to quality, durability, and safety. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your specific requirements and bring your vision to life. Contact CMC today to enhance your recreational spaces with our professional asphalt color treated pavement marking and removal services.